Authorities are closed between Christmas and New Years Eve – this may cause a slight delay.

Authorities are closed between Christmas and New Years Eve – this may cause a slight delay.

Your personal NIE number within 20 working days

We have helped more than 4,000 people get a NIE number. We take care of the entire process of applying for your Spanish NIE number. We make a complicated and lengthy process simple & fast.

Apply within 3 minutes

* It only takes 3 minutes

Happy with NIE Number

1. Apply for your NIE Number

Complete the NIE application form with your personal details, such as your name, surname, date of birth, nationality, and reasons to apply for the NIE number. Once we have received your application, our attorneys will send you a personalized Power of Attorney, ready to be notarized by your notary (together with a copy of your passport) and legalized to be valid in Spain.

2. Send us the POA

After the Power of Attorney has been notarized and legalized by your notary, you can send it to our office. We will apply on your behalf. As soon as we have received the postal items, we will request your NIE number within 20 working days (The waiting time may change depending on how busy the police stations are. No rights can be derived from this).

3. Receive your NIE Number

You can select whether you only want a high-resolution copy of your NIE Number certificate via email or to have the original one sent to the provided address via post as well. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient response to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We have clear communication with our clients and they receive frequent updates about their NIE Application Process.

Why a NIE number?

The decision has been made: You are going to live in Spain: in whole or in partial and now you need a NIE number, quickly and preferably before you even arrive in Spain. Order the NIE number here fast and easy and forget about the hassle and administrative formalities.

Without a Spanish NIE-number nothing will work in Spain: real estate purchase / sale, rental contract, employment contract (season), all property purchases from 2,000 euros, etc. For everything that goes beyond the holidays, a NIE number is required.

Save yourself costly trips to Spain, and endless queues at the police station – Let us take care of all details and formalities.

The best price out there

100% money back guarantee
175 Excl. 21% VAT
  • NIE number within 4 weeks
  • Priority service: NIE number within 2 weeks (+75 euro)
  • Draft/template of POA included (Save money at the notary)
  • Receive a scanned copy of your NIE number by email
  • Save a lot of time and frustration


For the sake of clarity, the following briefly describes what is important for the application number:

  • Power of Attorney must bear the stamp and signature of the civil-law notary.
  • A copy of the passport must bear a stamp and signature of the civil-law notary.
  • Adding Apostille is important.
  • Add recent photo which differs from passport photo. This recent photo should be in passport photo format.
  • Preferably send mail by DHL express.
  • We request a private document of proxy. So no notarial deed.

The apostille is a standardized statement in the form of a stamp, which replaces a long time-consuming legalization procedure. An apostille can only be used for translations intended for countries that have signed the Apostille Convention.

Filling out the form is less than 3 minutes. After receiving your documents we will return your spanish ID within 20 working days days (Depending on how busy the police stations are. No rights can be derived from this). A high resolution scanned copy will be made available as soon as we received you NIE number back from the authorities.

Our standard fees are listed on the Pricing section. Please note that you need to provide us with a notarised and legalised Power of Attorney (we provide you with the template).

Note: A Power of Attorney is required for us to process your application. Notary and legalisation fees are not included in the quoted fees, and will vary from country to country.

The breakdown below is an estimate of what will cost you apply in person in Spain.

Airplane Tickets (flight to APPLY for the NIEs): 60 – 300 € per person
Airplane Tickets (flight to COLLECT the NIEs): 60 – 300 € per person
Transport to and from the airport – 40 – 120 €
Hotel Room – 50 – 200 € per double room per days (2 days required)

Applying in person can cost you anything between 300 € and 1,000 €, not to mention the time you will be wasting travelling and queueing up!

A power of attorney is a document in which a person passes an authority to a third person. In the special power of attorney to apply for the tax number Spain they only give power of attorney to apply for the tax number Spain.