For the sake of clarity, the following briefly describes what is important for the application number:

  • Power of Attorney must bear the stamp and signature of the civil-law notary.
  • A copy of the passport must bear a stamp and signature of the civil-law notary.
  • Adding Apostille is important.
  • Add recent photo which differs from passport photo. This recent photo should be in passport photo format.
  • Preferably send mail by DHL express.
  • We request a private document of proxy. So no notarial deed.

Filling out the form is less than 3 minutes. After receiving your documents we will return your spanish ID within 15 working days days (Depending on how busy the police stations are. No rights can be derived from this). A high resolution scanned copy will be made available as soon as we received you NIE number back from the authorities.

Our standard fees are listed on the Pricing section. Please note that you need to provide us with a notarised and legalised Power of Attorney (we provide you with the template).

Note: A Power of Attorney is required for us to process your application. Notary and legalisation fees are not included in the quoted fees, and will vary from country to country.

The breakdown below is an estimate of what will cost you apply in person in Spain.

Airplane Tickets (flight to APPLY for the NIEs): 60 – 300 € per person
Airplane Tickets (flight to COLLECT the NIEs): 60 – 300 € per person
Transport to and from the airport – 40 – 120 €
Hotel Room – 50 – 200 € per double room per days (2 days required)

Applying in person can cost you anything between 300 € and 1,000 €, not to mention the time you will be wasting travelling and queueing up!

A power of attorney is a document in which a person passes an authority to a third person. In the special power of attorney to apply for the tax number Spain they only give power of attorney to apply for the tax number Spain.

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