We are celebrating our 5th year anniversary with a brand new website! 🎉 Looking for a job? We’re hiring!

We are celebrating our 5th year anniversary with a brand new website! 🎉

About us

When we moved to Spain in 2017, we experienced firsthand how difficult it was to get an NIE number. The endless lines at the authorities, the language barrier, the many expensive visits to Spain – the list is endless.

We thought, “there must be an easier way!”. From that day forward, NIE Number Fast was born. By taking the entire process off your hands, we make obtaining a NIE number an easy affair.

We have now helped more than 4,000 people get a NIE number. The reason we can now offer it at a reasonable price is because we process multiple applications at once. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee.

NIE Number Fast office

* It only takes 3 minutes


* It only takes 3 minutes


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Why you should apply through NIE Number Fast?


Save time and money

The majority of people eventually discover they are unable to complete the laborious, difficult, and frequently extremely stressful process of applying for their NIE number on their own. Consider the never-ending lines, the struggle with the language barrier, the several expensive visits to Spain - the list is infinite.

Obtain your NIE number incredibly fast

Due to our years of experience and good cooperation with the Spanish authorities, we can obtain your NIE number fast and easily.

Choose for a reliable and experienced organization

We visit the Spanish authorities on a daily basis and foster a good relationship with them. The most recent Spanish laws governing the application of your NIE number are known to us.